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Last Friday I had a really good night of dances. It felt like I was really nailing ideas and movements and the music. One person bounced with giddiness after our dance.


Yet with so many people out of town this weekend, I was mostly dancing with strangers. While I don’t mind doing so it left me feeling strangely unconnected even though I was doing so well at connecting. I started to ponder a little what keeps me coming back to dance. On many levels it is social. I like seeing people. I like knowing that there is a group of people in any city who would love to practice my hobby with me. I like the comforting well laid out expectations that come with the dance scene.

Yet I’m missing social aspects that surround dancing, even if it is not an exact part of dancing. Dinner before a dance or fourth meal after with a bunch of people. A group (that I might worry if we were that often talked about clique) that hung out, threw house parties together, dance bombed non-dancing events, and generally did all sorts of silliness together. I don’t know if the difference is this scene, or me, or the fact that we are in NYC and everyone is too busy for their own good. Whatever it is I miss it.


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