This weekend I’ll be heading up to Albany for the Albany Lindy and Blues Exchange. I love the Albany scene. Individuals have been willing to house me for a clinical rotation. I’ve gotten a majority of my teaching experience at workshops hosted at RTI. I’ve been to every ALBX since I’ve lived in New York. This year I’m going to be performing a choreography at the late night. It was originally entered in the bambloozled showcase competition.

Creating and performing a choreography was a really conflicting thing for me. I am primarily a social dancer. I do this dancing thing so that I can create ideas with other people. I take lessons so that I can express a wider range of ideas. I practice to understand and work with a range of different leading styles. I feel that lots of times choreography is a cheat. One can skip much of the lead/follow dynamic in the name of doing the moves correctly. I’m not suggesting that choreography doesn’t make for amazing dancing, but that I’m not sure how well it relates to social dancing, and that because of that uncertainty, I was very conflicted.


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