Music project

I’ve found a wonderful new way to waste lots and lots of time. A friend of mine (oddly not a dancer) has recently digitized a massive jazz collection. I was given over 500 songs. Digging through them, they are not all to my taste. The time killer though is cleaning up the quality. These recordings, coming off 78 rpm vinyl, snap, hiss and have a variety of weird sounds. I’m slowly learning to use Audacity to clean them up. Each refreshed song makes me feel like a genius.  I am realizing some important things with this project.

  • I get music
    I’ve spent lots of time feeling bad and weird that I have such difficulty counting out phrase. However, as part of this project I’ve been editing solos to reduce overall song length. The songs I’ve sent to friends pass muster and they don’t notice the seams. My understanding might be different than the way most musicality is taught to dancers, but I do get it.
  • I get technology
    Sort of
    I hang out with lots of really tech savvy people. It’s very easy to feel inferior, especially when I don’t really  have the time to learn much. However, I’ve figured out the workings of Audacity with only the wiki and online tutorials to help. This may also be spurred by a comment by a friend when I very quickly realized why the movie we wanted to watch wasn’t playing.
  • Learning things just to learn
    Is fun! I’ve lost sight of this with school.

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