Scene constraints

I dance in New York City. There is pretty much one place to dance blues each week, and it is well attended if not downright crowded. If I cared to dance lindy hop, I could dance most nights of the week. Those nights are also pretty crowded. While I think that San Francisco’s FNB was very well attended, there was more space and so the density of dancers was less. (Additionally there was a little area with couches and chairs for sitting which was quite off the dance floor, so people weren’t on the the edges) Now I’m dancing shoulder to shoulder with the couples around me. This has changed my dancing quite a lot. When I lead in SF I would move around the dance floor quite a bit. One of the first moves that I “made up” gets the partnership across a dance floor. Someone once called me a kinetic leader. These days all I really can do is tiny circles, and maybe three steps in a straight line. I’m always excited to dance at the moment the doors open, because that’s when the floor is the least crowded and for a song I can move everywhere.

I think limits can be good for pushing the bounds of creativity. I’ve gotten better at an area that I was not naturally inclined to do. However, these days I’m very out of practice when it comes to open position, or traveling movements. I was recently asked to spend a song in open, and I very quickly felt like I was out of options. The only thing I can think of is to find a time and place and person to practice.


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