Getting home

Traveling back seems to have been much more stressful than traveling out. Of course the first parts of my travel didn’t include huge amounts of sleep deprivation and fending off exchange plague. Exchanges are always useful for the dual tasks of changing and cementing.

– My desire to skip out on workshop classes.
– My enjoyment of things made by David Keogh. Funny story, I heard someone announce it was the last song of the set and they were going to have a guest up to sing. I bet my conversation partner what song it would be; I won.
– My love of the social community surrounding dance.
– Some of my “exchange friendships”. I wish these people lived closer, but I so enjoy catching up months at a time.

– Some of my views surrounding what is blues thanks to Mapping the Music class and a talk with Greg.
– My feelings toward the sensuality vs sexuality of dance.
– I gathered the starts of a few new friendships.

By the time I arrived home, I was very very glad to be here. I think getting away from it all was necessary. I hope to keep the frenetic pace of the year up.


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