Projects for self

I’ve started a new project. I feel like in order to advance my blues dancing I need to figure out what makes my style. Once I know that, I can work from there. I can reinforce the things that I do well or with pizazz. I can figure out if the places that I’m lacking are things that I should actually work on or if they are ok to leave behind. Not everyone is good at everything.  Bobby White once mentioned that you should figure out what you like and do more of it. But first I need to figure out what it is that I do.

To do this I’m going to enlist the aid of something I generally don’t like. I’m going to video myself. I’ve asked a few friends of mine to dance with me, and we are going to record it. I’ve put together a pair on songs, so that I dance to different styles of music. I will dance both as a lead and as a follow. Hopefully there will be overarching things that can be pointed to. Things to say “This is me“.


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