Dancing with my friends

My dance friends are people that I enjoy dancing with. I’ve no idea if I feel friendly toward them because i like how they dance with me, or if we dance well because I feel friendly toward them. No matter what, these are the people what I will seek out before I go. I give them hugs when one of us comes into a dance. Many of my dance friends do lindy hop as well as blues. Lindy hop is the weakest of my dance skills. I only vaguely understand the basic. I officially learned the swingout once, and since haven’t really practiced it. I am confused by all the “slangy” moves that aren’t really lead, but expected that I would know.

Sometimes I go out to a Bar that is very small and only attracts maybe ten dancing couples at a time. Most people who are there are not dancers, just there to have a drink and enjoy some jazz. The combination of most people not being dancers and so few dancers being around I feel much more comfortable dancing with the same two or three people the entire night. They are always my dance friends from blues. There is a freedom that I find dancing with them. I’m familiar with how they move and not afraid of missing cues. I know they like dancing with me and not worried about having to prove myself a worthy or fun partner. I know them, and so am not afraid to bring the silly, the melodramatic, the intense. There is an openness to those dances that is so rare.


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