Music project round 2

There is a very interesting piece of music that a friend of mine and I like rather well. However, it is really long, and kind of weird. I had an idea of how it could be cut down to be shorter and a bit more danceable. I started the project this weekend. While I thought I had a good idea of how I wanted it to work nothing went smoothly at all. The places where I stitched things together stick out. The differences are too glaring and I don’t know how to fix it.

I sat down with my friend and we counted it out. We discovered that the rhythm section and the melody are doing entirely different things, to the point of being in (we are pretty sure) different time signatures. This means that really the two only meet up every 12 measures. No wonder I couldn’t get anything to mash together, I would get the timing right for one part and the other part would be noticeably off. Now I need to decide if I am comfortable with a minute and a half song, or if I need to find a way to repeat a section or something to extend it.

This is one of my limitations with dancing and music. I’m not naturally a counter. I don’t get that system for either listening to songs, or for building movements. Choreography takes me forever to learn, partly because the entire time I’m struggling with the counts of it. I abandon that method as soon as I can to get to the stage of flowing through the movements. I sometimes feel I should work on this, but it seems so distasteful that I don’t want to force myself to it.


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