Songs that dig in

Yesterday I read a post by Miss Reyes that addresses a song that has sunk into her soul and moves her.

There are a few of these songs for me. Summertime for example calls to me. I’ve never heard a version of it that I didn’t at least like. Probably 80% of the versions I’ve heard are songs that I love. It is a song that can pull me from shoes and jacket on to come back onto the floor and dance. I am subsumed into its rhythms and it makes me want to move.  I can’t even articulate fully my love for this song. I know that it isn’t truly even a blues song. It doesn’t make me pulse strongly, but I am perfectly happy to pendulum back and forth and move in tiny delicate isolations until the crescendo calls for us to charge across the floor into whatever space we can claim.  This song is one that I feel strongly about, yet am just as happy to follow during as I am to lead. Most of the other songs that I feel are must dance I have strong enough feelings about to lead, almost always.

I wonder what things grab us so strongly about the songs we love. Is it that we hear it at moment that we are most vulnerable and carry that with us for the rest of time? Is there something that the original composer had in their mind that echos through time to resonate in our chests when we hear it in whatever form? I do think that what we value about music, the way that it connects and binds us, is a weaker version of the love we have for the ones that dig their claws into our souls.


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