Those things that are difficult

I have occasionally worked on my solo dancing. I don’t like it. I become really self conscious which causes me to tense up, which changes how I’m dancing which makes me judge my movement, which tenses me up, and it becomes a terrible spiral of judgement and anxiety. The last time I worked on solo dancing was a little less than a year ago. I decided it was important to have the jazz vocabulary that others expect me to have. I’d been covering my lack of knowledge by trying to mimic visually. This is only so useful since I’m not well coordinated. I tended to bop around and generally stumble around until partners upped direction. So I choose some of the jazz movements most commonly used by blues dancers and go comfortable with them. Comfortable being a relative term.

Now I’ve given myself a new challenge. I’ve signed up for a riffing contest. I have no expectations of winning, or even being a finalist. I do feel that I need to spend some time getting comfortable with my movements. I’ve asked my practice partner to spend some time working on vocabulary with me. I’m hoping to come up with a couple of comfortable variations. I also want to work on solid transitioning.


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