Things I’ve changed for dancing.

There are some habits that I’ve gotten into because dancing is such a large part of my life. I don’t really notice them until I have an extended opportunity to break away from them. Since I’m visiting family for a week I’ve been thinking about these things and how they effect my day to day life.  A small and incomplete list:

  • jazz shoes in the bag I’m carrying for the day (this used to be dance shoes in the car
  • no raw onions in food
  • no garlic based foods
  • no smelly foods (think curry) day of dancing
  • no perfume the day of dancing
  • dance bag with toiletries and first aid at the ready to grab and go
  • all shirts that I buy don’t ride up when I raise my arm

At this point a majority of these things don’t even take energy for me to do. This dancing thing is such a part of my life that the habits are ingrained and I don’t even remember that I am doing them sometimes.


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