One of the things that I think has the potential to be the most magical part of an exchange is being hosted by a local dancer. I have hosted a dancer or two in my time, but I don’t have the sort of situation which would let me pack my house full of dancers spending the weekend. I love the near magic that happens when a house full of compatible people come together and have a blast together.

It is the magic that happened when a good friend of mine took me to my first out of town exchange and made sure that we were housed with friends of his from the scene he had moved away from. Years later some of those people have moved to the same place I now live, and we have a friendship that was probably ignited with that spark.

I love the occasional getting together to cook a huge meal together (usually undertaken by a culinary minded guest). I love the blaring of music that happens while people are showering and changing and primping.

I think in many ways these little things are what makes the dance community a community that is larger than just the people you see every week or every month, but into a community that makes me feel like I could go anywhere in the US and have someone to say hi to.


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