Music project 3

So I was in a car for many hours and I was in charge of music. The driver and I got to talking about a very weird song that I have. She mentioned how nice it would be as a fusion song for her scene, if only it didn’t have a strange interlude every so often. I liked the idea, so I started to edit it there in the car.

She asked me mid-project what it was that I was doing with the songs that I spent all this time editing. It seems that I am enjoying this mostly for the intrinsic pleasure of the learning and having a discrete finalized product.

Now it seems that I am disseminating the songs that I have edited quite heavily. I finished editing the song in the car, and gave it to my friend. She occasionally dj’s in her home scene and is happy to have it to play. Before we left, I promised a friend a copy of a song that I edited before because I felt it was similar to what she was playing. 


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