As a person who is sometimes teaching

The best thing to me is to have people thirsty for knowledge that I can share. At my home scene, I’ve helped the pre-dance lesson often by being a demo partner. This past weekend I did that, then had several people find me later and ask for tid-bits of clarification. I probably spent a good five dances in the hall way talking about things. The next day I traveled a few hours away and taught a class of my own. The way I had structured it, the first part didn’t seem very much like dancing at all. Then there was a moment where suddenly everyone, even the first time beginners, was legitimately dancing with someone else.

These are the moments that are addictive. The sudden understanding. The shift from not dancing to dancing, from lack of knowledge to knowledge. I seek out these moments all over the place. I recently spent a portion of a night teaching someone how to find knots and was rewarded with the look on his face when he first felt one release.


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