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Revisits and revisions.

I started this blog because I was thinking very deeply at the time about blues dancing and its place in my life. I was thinking about everything from mechanics to social conventions. I was thinking about how movement influences music and music influences movement. This blog was a place to capture the chatter in my head. To force it to be words, to be able to clarify my ideas well enough to share with others.


I’m very glad that I put forward the effort to do so.


I stopped regular updates because other things took prominence in my life. I started on the last year of my graduate degree. I started learning a new dance. I moved twice.


I’ve continued to dance and to read and to learn and to teach, though the balances have shifted. Some of my opinions have changed. I have refined some and discarded others. Some I have come to believe even more strongly. I am glad that this blog has served to capture my point of view at that time, and I hope that at some point it will again capture my new views. I hope I am able to load them with as much nuance as exists in my own mind.


I will not be posting regularly again for a while, but I wanted to capture this moment.


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