Beginning this blog for the reason of exploring my blues dance philosophies, my dance explorations and a host of all sorts of other things. I self define as Student, dancer, Healer, and Reader.

A few notable things about the tone in this blog. I firmly believe that there is not one way to express this thing we call blues dancing. Even a single movement can have different approaches by different people, both equally valid. It will never be that and idea or approach isn’t valid, but that it doesn’t work for me.

I am writing from my perspective. It is all I know. I try very hard and very frequently to expand my perspective to include those of people that I meet in the world. However, my perspective is still the one I know. Therefore, it is the only one that I can write about honestly. I know that there will be times that it doesn’t encompass everyone. I encourage you inform me of your perspective. I will work to try and broaden my conclusions and perspectives.

However, the things that I am writing about often do not have only one answer. This is not mathematics, there is room for more than one truth. If my words challenge your perspective please consider before you decry me as false or wrong or inaccurate. Also know that I have no tolerance for argument seeking and will ignore or delete commentary that is provocative without also being thoughtful


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  1. You have a new blog about dancing. Yayyy!

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